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If we are referring to a well organized program, regardless that we deliberate this concept and we relate it to our home activities, school ones, to those from our free time, to our work ones and so on, the purpose is just this: To do our job as best as possible

This concept of Labor organization conjures thoughts regarding order or discipline, and as an example could be: A higly organized person. In this sense, a proper definition could be this one: To be organized represents those assets through wich we prepar our work instruments in a way wich allows us to operate in a disciplined manner through out our activites.

Definition above it is most of all proper for job activities.

Moving forward to professional activities we notice that in every job it is needed a minimum of organized structure. For example, we have a phone through wich we speak with our clients, it is given us a computer that we can use to send e-mail messages, maybe we have some sheets of paper, pens, documents and so on. All these things offered as an example often we see them placed on a desk. Sometimes those things are spread on the desk in an unorganized manner: Flying paper, missing pens – we wonder where are those pens -, we lost time until we organize our spreaded documents and so on. Of course that we all have an opinion regarding on how we can organize our own desk. Whether we have many objects, whether we have few objects, we must place them, arrange them in a way that it cannot confuse us. But are we able to do it so? How much time can we be organized?

To mention that organizational activities don’t exists only in one certain place, like at the office, because it is present even in jobs like joinery where are worktops, in agriculture, smelting, everywhere.

It goes without saying that workplace organization doesn’t mean only arranging the desk. In no case. There are many other things to do: Managing our schedule, the way we talk and connect with others, to establish what are the primarily goals that need to be met, field trips (if it is necessary), training new colleagues or team work with those that already have work experience (here we are referring mostly at colective organization of work). So, labor organization assumes much more elements than we might think.

Each of us has a unic stile regarding labor organization. Sometimes, we consult our superiors opinions, our colleagues and so on. But, eventually, we have the final decision. It depends on us to know how we are going to manage our work activities in a proper manner. Somehow we combine our colleagues suggestions with ours. Sometimes we may even not take into consideration different opinions of different persons and we act how we think it is best for us – Or, why not, it may be present the opposite situation.

Why is it important to be organized? Because it help us to accomplish our activities more efficiently. This answer it is almost given by certain managers, directors and so on. This type of people want efficiency. Sometimes, certain companies have the tendency to overdo this matter and as a result they end up overburden their employees, thing that isn’t right and need to be dispelled because a human right it is not respected – that of working how long it is specified in the work contract. From time to time, recreation it is possible to be to short or, surprisingly or not, sometimes it doesn’t even exists – This is another subject that can be discussed if we bring into debate the issue involving multinational companies.

To answer to those questions set out at the middle of this article, depends on us and on the context in wich we work if we succed to be organized or not. And we can be organized on a unlimited amount of time if we learn how to do it.

Besides quickness/speed and efficiency, labor organization bring us more benefits, such as: Adopt a professional conduct, a proffesional working style, matureness and, further than that, integrating the idea that we have a certain responsibility, exit from constant idle state, increased agility, rarely will be present the situation when we don’t know what do do in a certain activity and so on.

Labor organization, even if in this article we deliberate it more about life at work, it may be understood that it is a must in order to be well organized even at our homes, when we learn for example or when we practice in a certain activity. Because, isn’t so? Some of us maybe have offices both at work and at home… Others maybe want to spend more time at the library and they wish to organize their reading style to, and so on.

Today’s subject main idea is that yes, it deserves to be well organized people because, primarily, we gain some important advantages like those already mentioned in this article. And, one of the important things that we will gain being well organized people is that we are going to be more responsabile, we will have more trust in our on powers.


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Author: Silviu Botezatu