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Participation in job interviews requires some preparation, structure and development.

Thus, there are some basic things you can do even before the participation, as follows:

1. It is recommended to get information about the company you’re going to have the interview (use the company’s website or search the Internet for relevant information: annual turnover, plans for expansion, major objectives, etc.). In this way you will be able to organize your ideas about the way you would like to contribute in their company, presenting to the listener in an accessible and easy to understand manner.

2 In order to easily present some of your ideas, practice at home the way you wish to express them. Organize them in your agenda/notebook.

3.  If during the interview you get some ideas which you would like to express but you are afraid not having enough information, ask interviewer to provide details on which you can build your ideas.

4The ideas of an interview can be proposals or action plans. These have normally a structure or at least an objective. For example you propose yourself to advertise on multiple communication channels (classify the channels and what do you want to advertise on them, which are the expected outcomes).


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5 Right before the interview it is desirable to address yourself some questions and to answer them.  These could be: What could I do to my company where I have an interview? How could I realize what I propose? Which are the tools I need? Of course, not everything must be specific as you will have the opportunity to get more information during the interview.

6Naturally, the interviewer will present, even in the first minutes, which is the company’s goal or that of the job you are applying thus giving you the opportunity to extract essential information to build ideas which you will present. Maybe you can provide the interviewer different perspectives ….

7. If you have more ideas, don’t hurry to express them. Take your time, summarize then present them.

8.   Try to argue for what you stand for. Your statement/idea will get more attention if you present evidences, examples to confirm what you say.

9. Don’t worry if it happens to get confused in your attempt to provide the best proposals or ideas, there is a solution for this. For example, if you get lost in the sentences, try to use keywords which will help the listener to understand what you want to express.

10 If you get the desired job continue to be active.  Even after you have been hired you can propose ideas.

Author:  Mihai Silviu Botezatu

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