How Can Emotions Help Once You’ve Established Your Career Plan? (7DOT Vault)

What do you intend to do 3 years from now? And after 7? What can you do best? Which is your reference domain? You should ask yourself such questions, do not expect to be asked by someone else.  Practically, whatever you want to do can come true only if you set up a structure, a sketch of work, an action plan. The best ideas are the written ones … Even if you are confused, uncertain, afraid of both personally and professionally perspective, it is appropriate, to make an effort to answer questions as those from the beginning of this paragraph. If you find it hard to make up your mind, think concretely what you can do, then, search the newspapers, consult new media, human resources agencies, professional counseling offices / career counseling and so on, for those professional contexts where you could integrate yourself in order to clearly highlight your objectives and to see which is the “path” that leads you to their fulfillment.

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Once this effort made, the confusion you had at the beginning will disappear or will decrease in its intensity at least. This will happen because, having a clear and well made plan all you have to do is to respect it and than to adjust in accordance with the possible changes/modifications that may occur during its carrying out.

When you are ready to act in order to achieve the objectives of your career plan, the will, the optimism, the perseverance, the sense of creativity, improvisation, strength of mind will come forward so that you may get the necessary emotional vitality level to achieve the success.

If you think that you are pleased and you feel strong, enthusiastic, try to understand these feelings for their best use. It is important to understand that sometimes you might fail or things might not work from the beginning as you wanted them to, but with practice, concentration, perseverance and experience you will get the necessary cleverness to remove obstacles. Nevertheless, it is good to know that such attempts or rather the first failures represent a very good exercise for you because you will observe what goes wrong and how the situation should be improved – as Thomas Alva Edison said (he invented the light bulb after about 1000 attempts): “I didn’t fail 1000 times, but the bulb was a 1000 steps invention.”

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It is a fact that being aware of the way you have chosen you are confident, you are not afraid. For example, the way home from the faculty – you know it, you can describe the banks, the stores that reveal before your eyes while you go to the subway, then you know exactly what station you have to stop at, which newspaper to buy, whom to greet.  The same thing happens with your emotions – as soon as they feel safe and see that they have “landmarks” around them, and that they have “benches” to relax on, “stores” to recharge at etc., you can use them without worries in order to achieve your objective.  But remember, sometimes “the train may delay”, “the stores can be removed to other place”, therefore your emotions should be acquainted to leaving the “area of their own comfort”. Therefore, be prepared for that. The first step would be for you to realize and accept that things change. Changing doesn’t mean bad things or situations it also means innovation, joy, progress, strength, creativity and so on.

Thus, become friends with your own emotions! It’s worth it!


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