A pesimist is the one who makes difficulties of his opportunities and an optimist is the one who makes opportunities of his difficulties.” – Harry S. Truman

Nowadays in Europe people who don’t work are trying to find some certain answers regarding why it is, in some situations, so difficult to find a job that suits them. And we are going to approach today the subject of young unemployment and how positive thinking can be a helpful tool in this “mission” of finding not just a job, but the job.

So, despite the complexity and difficulty of fighting youth unemployment or better said, precisely due to this difficulty, it is neccesary to deal with it with positive thinking. This would be the first lesson gained with experience.

This positive thinking starts by changing theme vocabulary and the mental attitude when dealing with unemployment, for example talking about “youg jobseekers” instead of “young unemployed”, focusing on resources and capacities rather than lacks.  So, for a young unemployed, it is recommended to address himself as a young jobseeker.

Positive thinking also implies the need to analyse the situation of being unemployed, not just in negative terms but also understanding the potential positive impact that it might have in – at least – some aspects of life. According to the famous quote of Harry S. Truman we should try to generate opportunities out of the difficult situation of being unemployed.

Bibliography: “Working On Work. For All”. Salto-Youth – Inclusion Resource Centre