If you want to improve a certain situation or even resolve a specific problem in your community, it is important to have a plan or to know several strategies. Thereby, below you will find several suggestions.

Specify or raise the irregularities and issues you consider significant and try to create a strategy in order to find out how do you want to resolve those issues that are affecting your community.

Also try to find out what are the basic needs of your community. Maybe it is possible to team work with your neighborhood. Perhaps a significant number of citizens share with you the same concerns that you daily think about.

Identify the persons which can help you organize your work. Maybe a friend of yours is a good writer and he can help you to draft certain letters, complaints etc. or, perhaps an acquaintance can contribute decisively in your administrative work.

By participating in youth forums you will have the chance to find out a series of methods on how you can improve your community situation.

Mihai Silviu Botezatu – mihaisilviubotezatu@yahoo.com