The Road

– You are leaving now?

– Yes. I can not wait too much.

– Will you come back?

– Of course. Actually, I’ll always be here. My departure will be short. I will come back as soon as possible.

– I will waiting you then.

– Thank you so much. See you soon.

And so he gone… Nobody knew how he had the force to go on that road – Especially when he knew from others that many people who had gone on that path have not come home ever again. But he liked that road so much, so didn’t hesitate too long to make a choice. In every single day he practiced for the flying moment…

In a proper day he left. He flew, ran, learned, worked and so got acquainted with his own person.

For several years this man was expressing the wish to walk, to be present all over, to know what he wanted to know and, more then all, to walk on his beloved road.

Promised he will return. And had kept his word. Only that he returned a changed man. The road turned him, and now he misses it… But this happens because he doesn’t remember that he was on that specifically path. Well, but not to worry about it, change may have been welcome. One thing is sure – The road never forgets man’s footsteps.

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